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Our men's yoga clothing is chill incarnate. Made from super stretchy, unquestionably comfortable material, our designs offer their own brand of low-maintenance transcendence. This is yoga gear that works with your body during every bend, twist and turn to promote optimal alignment and absolute zen.

If you think that’s a lot to expect from your yoga clothing, then you’ve never tried ours. We’ve designed our gear to transcend single purpose wear and work on many levels - just like the yoga practice itself. There’s the 4-way stretch fabric that facilitates free flowing movement - no matter what pose you’re in - and there’s the quick-dry, moisture-wicking properties that keep you comfortable in even the most intense session. Whether you hit the mat in shorts, sweats, tights or tanks or tees, our men’s yoga clothing persists with the same focus and dedication as you.

When you’re done with your session, you can take this fashion to the streets. Like we said, this isn't single purpose style. It's style that reflects function, and since the function of yoga is to give you a practice that prevails throughout your entire life, our yoga collection does the same. Whether you’re tail up in downward dog, heading out with your pals, or laying low at home, our yoga clothing will help you stay cool, calm and confident.

Our men’s yoga clothing can also double as your general purpose activewear. Sport it on the track, in the gym or just about anywhere your busy lifestyle takes you. It’s agility is only limited by your activity. It’s time to expand your horizons.

Not only will you feel great in our gear, but you’ll look amazing too. It’s not because our designs are flashy, loud or aim to make any provocative statement. Yoga clothing from THE UPSIDE looks amazing because the look is subtle and classic. This is what makes THE UPSIDE stand apart: a commitment to understated inspiration. While many trends and brands come and go, our style is resilient because it speaks to a timelessness that people really want. In other words, our men’s yoga clothing is as enduring as the yoga practice itself.