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Step into the next generation of men’s legwear. THE UPSIDE has created uncompromising gear to accommodate the activity of guys who are serious about training. This moisture wicking, quick drying, movement adapting legwear showcases our stylish and powerful range of performance enhancing technology. It’s activewear that empowers.

Your workout is hard enough, but our lineup of men's legwear can make it easier. This collection is designed to stay close to your body, allowing you move more freely and focus on form so that every single movement counts. Run, lift, row, hike, or play in comfort and style, knowing your legwear is helping you get the best workout possible. There’s simply less to get in the way of optimal biomechanical function - and in this case, less is definitely more.

THE UPSIDE advantage in men’s legwear is especially apparent in activities were form is everything. Whether you do yoga, plyometrics or power-lifting, you need to make sure you’re in optimal alignment for ideal execution. This can be tough to gauge in loose, baggy clothing, since you can’t always accurately assess how your body is positioned. Your spine may need to be straighter, your knees repositioned, or core more engaged. If you can’t see a problem, you can’t always fix it. So fix it. Set yourself up with our legwear to set yourself up for peak performance.

Our men’s legwear is also great for runners, since it can keep you both warmer and dryer on those cold morning jaunts. What’s more, our training tights are more aerodynamic than baggy sweats or shorts, so you run faster and better, without uncomfortable chafing and rubbing. If you’re looking to maximise the intensity of training, then trying out our legwear is one of the easiest ways to see noticeable gains.

But our men’s legwear goes beyond practical matters of performance. Our designs reflect the no-nonsense style and appeal THE UPSIDE wearers want. Sleek and stylish with undeniably cool details like mesh and tonal contrast, our legwear is as fashion-forward as it is functional. Wear them on their own, or under your shorts: it’s your call. Just wear them, and make every movement count for more.