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It may be what's inside that really counts, but what's outside can make or break how well the inside functions. Take it from THE UPSIDE. This is why our men's sport jackets and outerwear is designed with equal measures of style and functionality to keep you looking and feeling great.

THE UPSIDE's men's jackets are made from premium material, keeping you comfortably cool pre or post-workout. Made from our quick drying stretch fabric, our men's sports jackets wick sweat away from your body and keep it away with fast-drying technology. Combine this with 4-way stretch fabric, and you’ve got outerwear that works with you, facilitating easy movement at every twist and turn.

Being comfortable is a non-negotiable part of reaching peak performance. Every single piece in our collection is designed to help you feel great, so every workout feels like your best workout yet.

Since our jackets emmit that classic THE UPSIDE chill, they can be worn as part of your everyday casual wear, making them an integral part of your wardrobe. Wear it running errands, meeting up with friends, or walking the dog: you’ve still got rock-solid style. The subtle but undeniably meticulous detailing on our men’s sports jackets speaks to this commitment to style. Creating inspired and flattering cuts, fits and styles is just as important as creating gear that functions well. After all, if you don’t like the way something looks, you won’t wear it - no matter how well it performs. That’s why every piece in our collection works double duty as functional activewear and fashionable street gear.

Clean lines, a sleek fit and awesome accents make our lineup of men's outerwear undeniably current, but also unquestionably classic. Available in a range of sizes and cool colour combinations, this is gear made for life - not just this season. One jacket will last through years of warm ups and cool downs, inside or outside. Just choose the one that best suits your style and outerwear needs.