Tiny but mighty, Nadia Fairfax has charisma in spades, enough frequent flyer points to take you to Pluto and a dash that’s all her own. Stellar styling aside, Nadia’s infectious effervescence is such that it practically leaps out of your smartphone. It’s no coincidence then that this happy-go-lucky vivacity and playful polish has captivated a swathe of admirers mesmerised by her every sartorial manoeuvre. But as you’ll soon see, there’s more to Nadia Fairfax than meets the polaroid lens of Instagram. Nadia is a lesson in success, style and happiness on your own terms so we pinned her down to learn a little more about the person beyond the frame.

Favourite way to spend the morning?

I walk to get a quick coffee and consume it when walking home and listening to music. My heart rate gets quite high and I become really excited about taking on the day! 

You're known for your bold style and carefree confidence so we want to know what makes you feel most empowered?

Having fiercely loyal friends, it's what has always made me confident.

What song makes you scramble to the dance floor?

Anything 70's disco, although my song of the moment is 'Feel it still' by Portugal The Man. 

When are you happiest?

Whenever, wherever piña coladas, the ocean and sunshine are involved.  I also love watching live sport, especially in other countries. So any game, match, contest I can get to somewhere away from home.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Prawn crackers (the pastel pink chips you get when you order takeaway Chinese), so naughty, so yummy. I will sometimes swing by my local Chinese restaurant and pick up a few bags full.