Own the Morning

Introducing THE UPSIDE’s new campaign

Our minds seem to tick faster than the clock as our days slip away into nights, and before we know it, we’re starting it all over again. Every day we put effort into our work, energy into our family, purpose into our lives, yet what is it that we do for our wellbeing - our harmony? In a world where we can never seem to find the time, how do we create more?


We take charge of the beginning of our day and create space just for ourselves to exist, free of the demands of the world and our psyches. With the rising of the sun we are reborn each day, and we seize this moment to take the opportunity to grow and practice self-love. We choose what we do and where we go on this solo voyage, be it a morning meditation in our bedrooms or a beach run as we watch the day break.

We own this piece of time, and within it we surrender to the intoxicating allure of the first light to reinforce our minds, centre our souls, and just ‘be’. We do this to be present, and appreciate the power of now.

We offer this to ourselves. We own the morning.