Own the Morning

Daybreak with the duo behind BEAR

Plato once observed that, “the beginning is the most important part of the work”. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a looming deadline, you know this to be as true today as it was in 377 BC. It’s this same plane of thinking that led us to realise the gift that is first light. How you face the a.m. shapes the very lens through which you see the day, and the life, that follows. Without risking sounding like a cereal ad, starting the day right pays serious dividends for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Two people that don’t need to be reminded of the power in how you start things (the day, the dream, the lifestyle..) are wellness wunderkinds, Saasha Burns and husband, Sammy Leetham.

We’ve teamed up with these enterprising minds behind BEAR daily essential vitamins to get a feel for how they make the mornings their own. Early rising, exercise, fresh air and quality time together are the wholesome hallmarks of their morning save for a little caffeine thrown in for good measure. Saasha Burns lives and breathes the beauty of things; her dreamy flatlays, polished sartorials and sunny disposition have captivated thousands. Aware that looking and feeling your best begins from within, Saasha teamed up with luxury marketing maestro/man in her life, Sammy. Together, they dreamt up BEAR, a sophisticated offering disrupting the humdrum homogeneity of the vitamin market.

With a focus on integrity of ingredients and a healthy dose of chic, BEAR’s flawless final product is a testament to what a little get-up-and-go can realise. The four founding products; Protect, Perform, Restore and Explore even manage to embody the many upsides to the #ownthemorning philosophy. Talk about synchronicity! A natural fit for The Upside crew, Saasha and Sammy know that the best life is the one you dream of, and little by little, morning by morning, you make it yourself.

So go on, #ownthemorning