Why we're feeling frills and bows

Why we're feeling frills and bows

Move over unisex motifs, hard lines and masculine cuts, times are finally changing and there’s a new wave of femininity in the air. If you followed New York and London Fashion Week, it’d have been hard to miss one trend clearly dominating the runway: unashamedly feminine cues. From blushing pinks, to lace-up ties, girly frills and playful bows; these delicate touches are a breath of fresh air. To us, the message here is clear: yes, we expect the same respect as any man, but that doesn’t mean we have to dress like one!

While the gym might not be the first place you’d expect to see this trend, we say why not?! Our latest collection serves up a healthy hit of ladylike style, with fresh new shapes, silhouettes and details – here are a few tips from our team on how to make this trend work for you. 

Frill seekers: this is your moment

It doesn’t take a lot for an outfit to feel like it’s been carefully coordinated, rather than thrown on. The easiest way is by adding a small touch, like a flirty frill. If you’re not overly confident with this kind of feminine detail, remember it’s ok to start small (like with a little mini frill on your sleeves). You can also tone down the girlishness of frills by teaming them with a tougher print like camo. We’ve given our much-loved muscle top and midi pant the frill treatment this season, so that’s a great place to start.

Blend bows with your boyish staples

No longer limited to little girls’ pony tails, bows can be seen punctuating all kinds of outfits this season; from outwear, to swimwear, tracksuits, and even denim. You can even find bows on the tennis court (check out our new season polo pique top if you want proof!). The best thing about the bow embellishment is it can quickly dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit (plus it adds a touch of feminine allure).

Puffed sleeves aren’t just for prom night

You better believe that puffed sleeves (AKA the ‘balloon sleeve’) are back in a big way and have even been spotted on Parisian runways. These statement sleeves are undeniably trending and have been designed to work on even the most basic staples (see our fleece crew for inspo). The trick to this trend is keeping proportions in check by pairing with sleek compression tights or slim-fitting pants.

Make a lasting impression with lace-ups

Featured on pieces like our Witch Mountain Ash jacket, lace-up ties are the design detail of choice this season. Use laces, ribbons, drawstrings or cords – whatever you like! The best bit about tie-ups is they give you that subtly sexy, undone look that adds a bit of attitude to any ensemble. Who says your sneakers should have all the fun?

Now, go forth and channel your inner girly girl on the yoga mat, the tennis court or even on your morning run. The mean streets of the city are no match for a lady like you!

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